Mobile Professor writing students

I had the pleasure of working with Ellen this past Summer in helping me with my Graduate Business Writing Course. I was a C student in English throughout my entire academic career. Ellen made herself readily available and focused a lot of her time and energy in challenging and pushing myself to think and write better. I received a B in a graduate level writing course where I never cracked higher than C+ in any English course and that was only within 7 weeks of working with Ellen. I couldn’t think of a better person or more qualified teacher to help anyone with their writing.

Homendra B. Swamipersaud

Ellen was an outstanding tutor who was very positive. She was always there for me when I needed her. She tutored me in a business writing course during my college life. By end of semester, I was able to learn so much from her and gained confidence that I’m still applying in real life till this day. I would recommend The Mobile Professor to anyone who needs help.

Kawsar Jahan

I hired Ellen nine years ago as my writing tutor while pursuing my Master of Public Administration at Villanova University. Many years later and I can still confidentally say that Ellen has turned out to be my favorite teacher of all times. She has a special way of making her students feel extemely confident, enthusiastic about the material and imparts knowledge like no other. She is encouraging, exceptionally intelligent on a wide variety of subject matters and best of all, she encourages her students not only to think but to develop the ability to think critically. She is extremely passionate about teaching and her proudest moments usually pivot around seeing her students succeed. I am proud to have had Ellen as my tutor, and I am more than happy to recommend her to any student in search of an enthusiastic tutor.

Jaye Amaoko

Ellen has already helped me enormously by reframing the challenges I face in a way that encourages me to step up to the plate. She is a visionary instructor who is highly perceptive of her students. I encourage you to have a conversation with her and see for yourself.


Ms. Bluestone is an amazing tutor as she is able to take your mistakes and struggles and immediately create a short or long-term plan to help you improve in whatever you need. Flexible when needed and is a huge help!!


Smart, friendly, practical help with paper-writing.  Ellen was a terrific help in getting the first paper of the semester more on point and logical and mechanically clean. She responded right away and was very accommodating on short notice with her time. Good communicator and nice even with basics. Would definitely contact again.


Ellen helped me with my college essay and also helped me with organizing my notes etc for my English paper. She was very kind and calm and has had a lot of experience with helping students write and organize for different subjects.


Mobile Professor literary writing students

I have worked with Prof. Ellen online for so long. As a graduate student of literature, I find her vast knowledge of literary theories and her talented approach to literary analysis very notable and truly exceptional. I have nothing but the highest praise for her teaching approach and effectiveness. And, I am very grateful for the truly pivotal contribution she has made to my successes!

Hani Al-lihyani

I am extremely pleased with the progress that Ellen and I have made with my writing over the course of my university studies. With her help, I was able to earn an A in my Honors Analytical Writing course, and I finished at the top of my class. As someone from a science background who always suffered from writer’s block when it came to English papers, I was both astonished and proud of the advances I had made with my writing skills. When I later applied to graduate school, we also worked together to craft a fantastic personal statement. I would highly recommend Ellen to anyone that is seeking help with writing.

Samuel Hong

Ellen helped me form a solid thesis. A lot of tutors want you to have your paper complete and then they will only suggest edits. Ellen help me form a solid thesis that I was able to build everything off of. She clarified my ideas for me and helped organize them on paper. I would highly recommend her as she is very patient and professional. The topic also went in a very interesting direction which was fun.


Mobile Professor ESL students

She compromise with the student , very receptive and understanding, she tries to fit her schedule and accommodate it to the student needs. She is helping me with my writing and study skills. I will highly recommend her if you want to improve your writing .


It’s been only two days working with Ellen, and I feel really happy her! I like the way she teaches, she is a really charming person and very easy to talk! I look forward to improve my reading and writing, I feel like it will be a fun process with her! Thank you.


I arrived in the USA in May 2013 for a 5-month fellowship at Wills Eye Hospital. On the first day in town, I realized that it would be a good idea to improve my English, after years without actual practice.  We contacted by Skype and from the first video call, I could appreciate what her knowledge of grammar and didactics in an online conversation would do for a Portuguese native speaker like me. More than a teacher, I found a really nice and kind lady with an extraordinary life and academic experience (plus: she lived in my country for a while). I have no words to express how Ellen helped me during the period in Philadelphia. She made me more confident in conversations with patients and staff and became a real friend. Now, after 7 years back in Brazil, I have the pleasure of maintaining contact with Ellen and following her challenges and victories.

Eduardo Pires

Me and my sister had couple lessons with Ellen, she is highly professional and motivating. We are definitely going to continue having lessons on weekly basis. Just to let everyone know she is helping us with english as a second language, so I highly recommend her for international students that need help for SAT or just for improving theirs writing and expanding theirs vocabulary. And finally Ellen is amazing as a person, she is positive and very nice. I would recommend her to everyone that need any help with English.


Ellen is such a great tutor on thinking and writing. We were together for an essay about ontology. It was such a difficult topic for me, especially for an international student. However, we were having a great conversation.


Mobile Professor creative writing student

It was clearly evident that Ellen is a master of non-judgmental guidance and teaching.  She possesses a unique gift for inspiring and opening the mind to ideas and possibilities.  Her ability to identify and build upon strengths was immensely appreciated.  She is without question a fantastic resource.


Mobile Professor personal statement client

Ellen and I have collaborated on two occasions. After working with Ellen the first time on a personal statement, I knew I could not trust anyone else with such a vital project. Not only did Ellen help unlock my creative potential, she also served as a mentor, spiritual guide, and friend. Through her nonjudgmental and nurturing approach, we were able, together, to create a personal statement that eloquently explored the truth I was yearning to access. Without Ellen’s guidance, I would certainly not have succeeded in doing so alone. Thank you Ellen for creating a safe and encouraging environment for me to explore my strengths and talents.

Rebecca Cohn

Mobile Professor editorial client

Our family poured our hearts into writing our family memoir, “No More Secrets.” We were not professional writers or effective storytellers. We were just a family of six who had an experience to share to help others. We knew we needed a professional editor to give us a hand with all stages of the writing process. Ellen Bluestone fine-tuned our manuscript, in ways that only an expert editor can do – and made our dream come true. She enhanced our efforts and transformed our manuscript into a vastly improved book. She worked with each of us to share our story. She revised our paragraphs to make each chapter compelling. Her total book editing package made the book a grand success. “No More Secrets” even caught the attention of the Dr. Phil Show and People Magazine – both reached out to us for media interviews! And because the book was edited by a stellar editor, we were proud to share it, and book reviewers took us seriously. And, best of all, our book helped lots of other families in crisis.

Patricia (Trisha) Gallagher

Mobile Professor curriculum writing client

I met Ellen Bluestone on LinkedIn when I was looking for someone to help me write an online course. Her experience was perfect because she had taught and tutored online and had written an online university course. I also saw that she had the kind of practical intelligence to help me design a non-academic course on entrepreneurship for women. But, as we started to work together, what struck me most was Ellen’s deep caring for a student’s or client’s success. She worked diligently to make sure she captured my thoughts, listened carefully to my ideas, and helped me express them exactly as I thought them. She enabled me to design a very dynamic course. I highly recommend Ellen for her deep passion for writing, her caring style of teaching, and the knowledge of teaching that she brings into curriculum writing.
Terese Wallen

SNHU students’ personalized testimonials

Ellen Bluestone is a woman of remarkable talents. What is most unique is that not only does she have the ability to teach various art forms from writing to literature, to art, and leadership, thus adding dimensions of color to the lives of those enriched through her instruction; she is a woman who has not only internalized these skills to pass onto others, but has the special gift herself to go beyond the learning and teaching of the greatest of inspiring platforms to the act of creation herself.
Through her course of Victorian Literature, I had the fortune of being one of those enriched students. At the same time she taught at the University, she also worked at her writing company; helping others improve their creative and technical abilities in the entirely limitless world of written words. However, she wasn’t only teaching students how to write and give them feedback on their work-which she did with ever gracious support; she was also challenging her own individual expression and expansion: experimenting with creating original screen plays herself. Ellen is more than an ideal instructor she is an ideal leader and here is why: it is because wherever she is, it is in the midst of what she loves. As a student of hers, it is my impression that it is her passion and devotion to what she does that makes it impossible not care more about learning, and not to become more inspired in her presence. I was never more excited to be a literature student then during my time in her course. I never received more individual care and attention, or more individualized encouragement and support. Ellen gave me the freedom to write the paper I wanted to write; and through that freedom, I received the greatest gift a student can be given by a teacher. And that is the personal growth of my own expression and expansion which she generously praised. So, Ellen implanted to me what she herself stands for, and that is the truest height of instruction of all.
I am so honored to have been able to stay in touch with this incredible woman as time has moved forward, ever hearing about her latest explorations, creations, and adventures. She doesn’t just love teaching and inspiring others-she does this effortlessly by challenging herself, forging new paths, and learning how to paint amongst many other endeavors. And Ellen always, (metaphorically speaking), holds that paintbrush in her hand in everything she does. Her mark is always left; it is her own stroke she puts on every blank canvas of life she comes upon. She is a role model to me in so many ways. Not only for her kindness, for her passions, but for her constant evolution. Evolving is what successful living truly is, and so, she has taught me, in so many ways, life and the power of a woman to follow her dreams and forge her own destiny, while imparting timeless beauty along the way.

Katie Flaxbeard

I have taken three graduate-level courses with Dr. Bluestone and she is highly supportive of her students. She shares explicit feedback to increase academic performance and encourages a growth mindset in her students by not just looking at what could be improved but also by looking at what could be strengthened to advance already strong writing to an even higher level. She is passionate about teaching and it emerges in both the content and its delivery.

Rhonda Boyer

SNHU students’ anonymous evaluations

Professor Bluestone was very knowledgeable and ready to help with or further explain everything we did in class. Her comments on our blog posts were some of the most in depth I’ve gotten from any professor and I thought her response posts that asked questions about our blog posts were very helpful. I also found her comments on everything I turned in to be very insightful and again some of the longest and most in depth I’ve received. I don’t think there was anything I would want her to do differently.

Prof. Ellen established and maintained clear grading criteria, and provided valuable feedback. She provided exact details when points were deducted from discussion posts and assignments. She was available, and responded promptly to requests for additional information or assistance. I can’t wait to take another class with this instructor.

Professor Ellen did an exceptional job of presenting, explaining, and reinforcing all the elements of the course. In particular, her responses to comments in the discussion board were always insightful as she asked further probing questions that always kick-started deeper thoughts. Her feedback on assignments (for example, journals and papers) were more detailed than I have experienced before, reinforcing that she read and valued every idea and provided suggestions for improvement and deeper reflection when needed. Her approach is one of grace and interest in every student’s contribution. Really an outstanding educator!

Loved this professor. . .

Prof. Bluestone was knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and engaging. I felt she graded fairly and offered helpful direction in terms of the final project. . . I would be happy to take a course from her again.

Dr. Bluestone set the tone for excellence and she would not allow anything less. She knew what we were all capable of doing and she didn’t want us to ever be discouraged. Even on the toughest days as a student, she always encouraged me to reach out to her and talk it out with her on what I was lacking. She took what I had to offer, modified it and it evolved into a great life lesson. Things do take time, but also it is going into each assignment confident, not basing the grade before to determine it was going to be the same this time. I welcomed the challenges and I am lucky there are professors like her that do not allow her students to ever fall into the dark holes and not be able to find a light to get back out. She’s the light.

Prof. Ellen was the whole enchilada – she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Victorian Lit. She pushed us to go deeper into the material and squeeze as much as possible out of each module. She clearly spent a lot of time editing, evaluating, and commenting on our work. Her comments on my papers were targeted and her directions for changes were very helpful. Her edits were thorough and well-supported. She takes the topic very seriously and I respect her for her commitment.

LIT500 is not the easiest class, but Prof. Ellen made it seem much more so. Prof. Ellen promptly responded to emails and questions. She provided invaluable feedback on assignments, and always asked you to delve deeper on your discussion posts. She follows the rubric explicitly, and therefore you must read it thoroughly to get the grade you want.

Professor Ellen went above and beyond to help me with this capstone project. She answered every email (sometimes multiples during the day) to respond to any questions or issues that I had. Her grading and notes were thorough and very helpful in providing me with feedback that allowed my writing to continue to excel throughout the capstone process. I couldn’t have asked for a better professor.

She cares about what she’s teaching, and it shows. I highly recommend her.

Professor Ellen cares about her students. She is involved in discussion board posts, unlike anything I have ever experienced in any other class. She asks questions to guide students towards a better understanding of the material, and that demands students dig a little deeper! She will provide unwavering support and enthusiasm! Amazing instructor!

Professor Bluestone was so involved in our discussions and journals. It showed not only her mastery of the material, but her dedication to her students as well.

She was VERY involved in the discussion boards and was extremely detailed in the grading feedback. Dr. Bluestone is one of the best professors I’ve had yet!

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