The Mobile Professor Services

While tutoring services abound and university writing centers are available for cursory reviews of student papers, strong supplemental college-level instruction is hard to find.

Until now, that is—enter the Mobile Professor!!

By consolidating my work as professor and consultant, I’m in a position to help students who might otherwise fall through the cracks. By operating as a free agent, I can teach freely, without having to worry about institutional politics, interference or busywork.

What I Offer

Editing & Revising

Editing and revising of writing projects of all kinds including academic papers, dissertations, business writing, technical writing, screenplays, memoirs, and novels

Writing Projects

Design and oversight of academic, literary, technical, scientific, and business-related writing projects


Help with reading, Language Arts, grammar and punctuation, vocabulary, English Composition, and literature for students of all grade levels

Personal Statements

Personal statements for college essays, admission essays, graduate admission, internships, and medical and dental residencies

Writing Instruction

Writing instruction in academic writing, business writing, technical writing, creative writing, creative non fiction writing, and poetry

Academic Classes

Academic classes in the form of 5-session mini-courses, chosen from current course offerings or designed around topics of choice in the areas of Writing, Literature, Art, and/or Women’s Studies


Help with written and spoken English for non-native speakers. Includes special attention to grammar, syntax, sentence structure, idiom, phrasal verbs, and (in the case of ESL Conversation Classes) accent reduction.

Curriculum Writing

Assistance with the instructional design, development, and writing of online courses for education or business 

Lesson Types

Interactive Writing Sessions

Interactive writing classes are sessions in which you and I work together on a Google.doc or shared document while looking at each other via Skype. This type of class is used for several services: Writing Projects, Tutoring, Personal Statements, Curriculum Writing, and writing instruction. This format enables us to brainstorm and exchange ideas as if we were in the same room. You can truly learn by doing, as I go over a document with you, watch you write, and guide you through the process.  If you’re working on an ongoing project or a lengthy assignment, I recommend that you choose a package so you can save money.

Editing/Revising of Documents

An Editing/ Revising session is the only type of lesson I offer that is strictly asynchronous. For this type of class, you share a document with me, and I edit and revise it for you; we do not work on it together. Using a comprehensive approach, I copy edit to make sure that the writing is grammatically correct, line edit to make sure that the prose is concise and stylistically effective, and content edit to ensure that the piece works in terms of its overall intent. I limit revisions to those that are necessary, and include comments explaining why I make them. This type of lesson can be used for Editing & Revising, Writing ProjectsTutoring, Personal Statements, and writing instruction, but it is most effective as a learning tool if combined with Interactive Writing Classes or ESL Interactive Writing Classes.

Academic Courses

Academic Courses consist of 5 sessions each. Classes, though informational, feature lively, interactive discussion. The 5 sessions can be combined with Interactive Writing Sessions for Writing Projects, providing a useful chance to brainstorm, discuss research, and develop project ideas. Most commonly, though, they operate as stimulating standalone courses for up to 6 people. (Skype or Zoom can be used.) Academic Courses can either be chosen from among current course offerings or designed by the Mobile Professor around your academic needs and interests. Feel free to gather a group of friends together and try one out!

ESL Interactive Writing Sessions

ESL Interactive Writing Classes are the same as Interactive Writing Sessions, but they entail additional focus on grammatical issues like sentence structure, syntax, phrasal verbs, and American idiom, and therefore cost a little more. As with Interactive Writing Sessions, I recommend that you choose a package so you feel less financial pressure and can concentrate on learning.

ESL Conversation Classes

ESL Conversation Classes are classes designed to make you feel so comfortable speaking English that you forget you are studying and can really learn. Using Skype, I will make corrections in Instant Message while we’re talking, then go back and explain your mistakes. This lets you talk freely without worrying about whether you speak perfectly. I’ve been teaching ESL Conversation on Skype for years, with great success. I will design classes around your favorite subjects, and if you like, we can read the news, short stories or articles about American culture or anything else you’re interested in. You can take this course with a friend or partner and save money. 

Let’s Learn Together!

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach new heights in whatever you’re pursuing!