Editing/Revising of Documents – 10 Hours


Price is for 10 hours

An Editing/ Revising session is the only type of lesson I offer that is strictly asynchronous. For this type of class, you share a document with me, and I edit and revise it for you; we do not work on it together. Using a comprehensive approach, I copy edit to make sure that the writing is grammatically correct, line edit to make sure that the prose is concise and stylistically effective, and content edit to ensure that the piece works in terms of its overall intent. I limit revisions to those that are necessary, and include comments explaining why I make them. This type of lesson can be used for Editing & Revising, Writing ProjectsTutoring, Personal Statements, and Writing Instruction, but it is most effective as a learning tool if combined with Interactive Writing Classes or ESL Interactive Writing Classes.



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