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Your Personal Professor

I’m Ellen Bluestone, the Mobile Professor—a supportive, experienced, one-of-a-kind professor with a digital platform that allows me to serve your academic needs without the constraints of institutional affiliation.

As the Mobile Professor, I offer you the guidance, support, knowledge, and skill-building I’ve been offering students in college classes for 30+ years, but on an individualized basis, tailored to your precise needs—along with a mix of humor, excitement, and dynamism that’s rarely found in higher education.

You can count on me for the kind of engaged and personalized teaching that you can’t always find at school, at a price that is considerably lower than tuition credits. 

“Ellen has already helped me enormously by reframing the challenges I face in a way that encourages me to step up to the plate. She is a visionary instructor who is highly perceptive of her students. I encourage you to have a conversation with her and see for yourself.”

Jaya, Student of The Mobile Professor

Ellen Understands Students

In my many years of teaching, I’ve developed the ability to read students, as well as their papers, and to figure out what they need and how to provide it as quickly, thoroughly, and effectively as possible.

I am very good at recognizing and addressing psychological issues that can hold writers back. These issues can include writer’s block, fear of expressing oneself, hesitance about being transparent, lack of confidence, or an ingrained belief in one’s lack of aptitude. Many people have struggled with writing throughout their lives because of a single comment made by an elementary or middle school teacher. I can help them get past this verdict and reach a new level of proficiency and comfort.

I am a dedicated educator who will focus on you, how you learn, and what you learn.  I’m here to teach, mentor, and inspire you in a very special way. I’m here to help you find your own voice, develop your originality and creativity, and achieve your own success. I’m here to help you find satisfaction, delight, and confidence in your studies.


Editing & Revising

Editing and revising of writing projects of all kinds including academic papers, dissertations, business writing, technical writing, screenplays, memoirs, and novels

Writing Projects

Design and oversight of academic, literary, technical, scientific, and business-related writing projects


Help with reading, Language Arts, grammar and punctuation, vocabulary, English Composition, and literature for students of all grade levels

Personal Statements

Personal statements for college admission, graduate admission, internships, and medical and dental residencies

Writing Instruction

Writing instruction in academic writing, business writing, technical writing, Creative Fiction/Non-fiction Writing, and Poetry

Academic Classes

Academic classes in the form of 5-session mini-courses, chosen from current course offerings or designed around topics of choice in the areas of Writing, Literature, Art, and/or Women’s Studies


Help with written and spoken English for non-native speakers. Includes special attention to grammar, syntax, sentence structure, idiom, phrasal verbs, and (in the case of ESL Conversation Classes) accent reduction.

Curriculum Writing

Assistance with the instructional design, development, and writing of online courses for education or business 

Current Course Offerings

How to Write a Great English Essay While Having Fun, using The Emotional Response Method ©

This course grew out of a seminar that I gave several years ago at a national conference of Brazilian-American Cultural Centers. The purpose of the seminar was to train Brazilian English teachers to teach their students how to analyze American literature. Participating teachers enjoyed the seminar so much that they requested an ongoing training at the Sao Paulo Center. It was pure joy to give this training, and when I returned to the U.S., I used this method to teach college students how to fully engage in – and enjoy – the process of reading, analyzing, and writing about literature. 

This method gives you a way to analyze literature by following your own hunches.

  • In four steps, you’ll learn how to transform your emotional response as a reader into a critical response as a writer.
  • You’ll learn an outlining technique that enables you to track this transformation. 
  • Through a careful process of back-and-forth between self and text/heart and mind, you’ll learn to create a critical argument that really matters to you.

In five short weeks, you’ll find yourself newly excited about literature – and inspired and empowered to write about it. 

How to Write a Great Art Paper While Having Fun, using The Emotional Response Method ©

[Please see the course listing above for a description of how this method came about and an explanation of the steps involved.]
I created this visually based version of the Emotional Response Method © while teaching a course called Women in Literature, Art, and the Humanities at Penn State University. I was aware that many in the class had limited experience looking at art and no experience at all writing about it. Since I required students to write a paper about a work of art in a museum or gallery, I wanted to give them a simple game plan, so they’d feel comfortable writing about what they saw. It worked! They wrote great art papers!
In five short weeks, you will find yourself newly excited about art – and inspired and empowered to write about it. This course is great for anyone who loves art, whatever your background.

My Focus

I want to make sure that I reach people who are serious about learning to write, whatever the context or purpose. I will design a course of study based on a person’s specific writing goals—and this can apply to people of all ages and educational backgrounds.


I have come to love teaching in a new and more visceral way than before because I see my role as online professor as one of support as well as teaching. I remember well how hard it was to attend graduate school while teaching, raising children, and running a home, and I know how time-consuming online classes are. So, I consider it a large part of my job as an online educator to stand behind my students and help them facilitate their continuing education. I want them to know that I respect and appreciate them for squeezing hard academic work into their busy lives, and that I will always go the extra mile to help them succeed.


My Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is that people learn best when they like what they’re doing, so I make sure that every session is enjoyable as well as informative. I find ways to make grammar and punctuation comfortable and painless, literature and art accessible and exciting, and writing of all types satisfying, challenging, and rewarding. I tailor classes around a person’s individual needs and interests. My teaching techniques are varied and never monotonous.


My Promise

  • I regard myself as your collaborator and coach, not an authority on high. 
  • I support both original thinking and respect for scholarship and accurate documentation of sources.
  • I will make you laugh, deepen your thinking, empower you intellectually, heighten your communication skills, and increase your confidence.
  • Using a combination of Skype and shared documents such as Google doc, I will work with you in real-time, user-friendly sessions that are as effective as private in-person classes.

“Ellen and I have collaborated on two occasions. After working with Ellen the first time on a personal statement, I knew I could not trust anyone else with such a vital project. Not only did Ellen help unlock my creative potential, she also served as a mentor, spiritual guide, and friend. Through her nonjudgmental and nurturing approach, we were able, together, to create a personal statement that eloquently explored the truth I was yearning to access. Without Ellen’s guidance, I would certainly not have succeeded on doing so alone. Thank you Ellen for creating a safe and encouraging environment for me to explore my strengths and talents.”

Rebecca Cohn, Student of The Mobile Professor

The Mobile Professor can help if you are a:

High school or college student seeking help with a course or a paper

High school, college, or graduate student who needs help with writing

Graduate student writing a literature review, thesis, or dissertation

K-12 student who wants help with language arts, writing, or creative writing

College or graduate school applicant in need of a personal statement

Non-native speaker who wants to speak or write English at a higher level

Business person who wants to write better emails, letters, and/or reports

Fiction/Nonfiction writer seeking ongoing coaching/writing instruction

Retiree hoping to write a memoir or autobiography

Novice with dreams of becoming a writer

Self-learner seeking guided study

Someone who has always wanted to think, write, and speak better

The Mobile Professor is:

A professor-in-the wings who works backstage to ensure your best possible performance

A dedicated educator who will focus on you, how you learn, and what you learn

An original thinker who will open your mind and challenge your ways of thinking

A cheerleader who will help you navigate coursework, academic deadlines, and life

An advisor who will stay abreast of your work and research, helping you move forward

A motivator who will find ways to keep your skills and confidence level growing

A trainer who will continually seek out strategies to keep learning from getting stale

A mentor who will remain within your reach long after your current work is done

A writing coach who will teach you to say exactly what you want to say, in your own voice

A subject matter expert in Literature, Women’s Studies, and Art History

The Mobile Professor Provides:

High-level tutoring for courses in English, Art History, and Women’s Studies

Help with essay writing for students at all levels

Help with critical essay writing about literature, film, theater, and art

Help with the design, development, writing, editing, and revising of theses and dissertations

Feedback, insight, and advice to complement official faculty advisement

Ongoing supervision of writing projects, including

    • Brainstorming
    • Creation of outlines and thesis statements
    • Guidance with research
    • Detailed feedback  
    • Editing and Revising
    • Documentation

Assistance with literature reviews, research questions, and other project components

Guided development of writing projects in all disciplines

Help with creative writing and poetry

Non-graded, credit-free online classes designed for purely educational purposes

Let’s Learn Together!

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach new heights in whatever you’re pursuing!